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It’s getting harder to find parking spaces in heavily populated areas due to the rise in car ownership. It takes a potentially valuable time to look for an appropriate slot, raises the amount of cars circulating on the roads and poses new infrastructure problems.

The rise in demand for parking spaces stems primarily from two major trends: the rise in car ownership and urbanisation. In terms of infrastructure planning and transportation networks, the rising scale of urbanisation brings further challenges.

To help city residents drive around and park comfortably, assistive technology like IoT (Internet of Things) in facility management is actively brought to the industry.

According to a Smart Parking Institute survey, 42% of respondents voted in favour of the necessity of parking systems. The good news is, thanks to a parking lot sensor system, connected platforms, and other IoT applications, drivers can find out where the nearest parking spot is located, if it’s occupied.

In order to improve the conventional parking experience, HawkEye, a future proof parking solution introduced by Jaan Innovations Pvt. Ltd. comes with the whole new solution for Smart Parking Management System using proprietary algorithms for various decision makings.


JAAN Innovations is Highly Focussed organisation on Smart Parking Management System and is serving in all Market Segments such as, Smart Cities, Corporate Parking, Pay & Park and Entry & Exit Automation facility etc.

HawkEye is the first of its kind Platform in the world, which uses low cost IP-Cameras as sensors to provide & determine the following aspects:- ANPR -Automatic Number (or License) Plate Recognition, Determining the type of Vehicle, Occupancy Detection, Guiding Assistance for Vehicle drivers, Real time invoking of Security features like “Show My Car” while it’s parked, Cloud based S/W Service (SAAS), Integration of Email and SMS Gateway, Availability of Open APIs for integration with ERPs (Facility Management, HRMS, Website or Mobile App etc.), Web App for Parking Management and Mobile Application Support.

Hawkeye has been recognized, for not only its “Technology” but also for its Flexible & Customisable Workflow, Low Operational Cost, High Reliability, and Improved Customer Service to provide End-To-End Parking Management Solution.

Getting real-time access to data is a primary driver of innovation in the parking field. Being able to capture insights, process them, and derive data-driven patterns from them is a major benefit that Hawkeye offers to its users.